Українська версія

In June, 1991 the Department of theory and history of the state and law – the first department of the restored faculty of law – was founded in Yurii Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University. Under the then state standard of legal education that Department provided teaching basic courses for the first-year students.

The teaching staff of the Department comprised A. Dubrovin, K. Yanosh, Candidates of Law, Associate Professors, A. Kozlovskyi, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, P. Patsurkivskyi, M. Nykyforak, Ya. Kurko, Candidates of Historical Sciences, Associate Professors. V. Muntian, Doctor of Law, Professor, headed the Department of theory and history of the state and law. M. Koziubra, A. Tkach, O. Pidopryhora, O. Shevchenko, O. Yarmysh, Kyiv professors, V. Kulchytskyi, B. Tyshchyk, P. Rabinovych, Lviv professors, V. Honcharenko. O. Skakun, Kharkiv professors, gave great help in the formation of the Department.

In January, 2015 the Department of theory and history of the state and law was renamed into the Department of philosophy and theory of law. The Department trains qualified lawyers of three educational and qualification degrees: bachelors, specialists and masters. The academic work is carried out by a staff of highly qualified specialists: two Doctors of Law (M. Nykyforak, L. Zamorska) and eight Candidates of Law (O. Bunchuk, S. Vasylchuk, N. Huralenko, O. Donchenko, S. Karvatska, O. Maksymiuk, S. Misevych, S. Savchuk). They are experts in the field of scientific specialities that correspond to the type of the Department (12.00.01 – theory and history of state and law, history of political and legal doctrines; 12.00.12 – philosophy of law).

Educational activities of the Department are actively combined with scientific ones. It is powerful reserve of improving the quality of training lawyers. This tradition was started from the first years of functioning Chernivtsi juridicum. At the time of Austria, the philosophical and theoretical-legal courses were conducted by Konstiantyn Tomashchuk (the first rector of the University, advisor of the provincial court, deputy of the Austrian State Council), Yevhen Erlikh (the ancestor of the modern sociology of law), and Alfred Halban (the researcher of extending German law on the territory of Ukraine).

In 2002 the Department opened permanent postgraduate studies in speciality "philosophy of law", in 2006 –"theory and history of state and law, history of political and legal doctrines".

The Department publishes a scientific "Erlikh Journal" (7 issues of the journal were published) and the international journal "Problems of philosophy of law (9 volumes were published).

The Department supports close scientific relations with analogous departments of Kyiv and Lviv National University, Yaroslav the Wise National Law University, Institute of law and psychology at Lviv National Polytechnic University, M. Koretskyi Institute of State and Law.

The Department created the scientific circles in philosophy of law and theory of law, master's seminar in specialization «Human rights», organizes the work of the Minor Academy of Sciences at the Faculty for pupils of 9-11forms.

With the adoption of the new law of Ukraine on higher school there are new tasks before the Department. They are connected with pragmatization and practicalization of the educational process, strengthening its moral and ethical orientations for all possible directions of future legal activities of graduates of the faculty. The Department is working at these tasks thoughtfully, persistently, daily.